The Organist

The Organist is a figure who dwells in the subconscious thoughts of Sarah.  She is not sure if he represents a vision of some message, or the darkest parts of herself.  Whoever he is, he is both mentor and tormentor.  When she was along in her room for all those years, he would visit her […]


The only world Sarah had known her entire life existed within the walls of a single country bedroom.  The ghastly view outside; flame and ember scorching the once green earth, made her happy she was safe inside.  The farthest journey she would consider making would be the distance from bed to window.  Her only companionship […]


Although rarely seen on the streets of Elektronika, those he has encountered refer to him as ‘The Percussionist’. While it is perhaps true that the entire world marches to his rhythm it wasn’t always so. In fact, there was a time not long ago when he was someone important. He can remember flashes. People around […]

Fintan Burke

Fintan Burke had been a fixture on the streets of Millerton for almost a decade after his arrival from the burnt out croplands of the old world.  What began as a simple hired gun had become something a little more complicated due to his unwillingness to follow simple instructions or compromise.  It wouldn’t be long […]

Hutcher Davis

Hutcher lives under the neon lights of the Silent Strip in downtown Kanterbury; the place he grew up. In Kanterbury, you’re either a criminal/musician or a cop, and there really isn’t much of a difference, so he chose cop. At least that way he could pretend to be doing right by the world. Hutcher’s habits […]

Louis Dobing

While most of society was torn apart in the chaos that followed the incident at the Eldridge fair, Louis stepped into a different world. While it appears to those around him that he still is as human as ever; complete with a nasty vice for booze, Louis long ago stepped with both feet into the […]

The Executive

Referred to as ‘Asmodeus’ by those closest to him, The Executive is a very charming and powerful figure, who spends much of his time in the city of Elektronika. His clean cut, and sophisticated appearance belies the demon that exists under his skin. Unlike many who work for him, he would appear to be not […]

Elliot Trusk

Trusk rules the underworld of Millerton with a velvet glove; perhaps his scarred and grotesque appearance adds a certain irony to this. Although loved by those around him, and kind to the community, Mr. Trusk never shies away from murdering anyone who is preventing business from moving along. He takes no pleasure in the dark […]