The Now

It was a trying time.  Long after the era of prosperity and monsters.  New monsters had emerged now; real monsters.  They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  Our road to hell had an elevated train and bicycle lanes.  This was the era that would be known forever as the one that ruined everything.  Perhaps having ‘good intentions’ is too simple an explanation.  Something we would tell ourselves to absolve our guilt.  It was ego.  The illusion of self.  And future generations would suffer for it.

The world was at one point held together by our conscious understanding of it.  Our thoughts created the very rules that were made manifest and so forth.  Of course we didn’t know it at the time, and the mere mention of these rules would be cause for having you committed.  We were blind.

But after the World Exhibition of 1934, we would no longer be able to control our world.  It now existed outside of us.  It reacted to our impulses and fears.  It created a prison, and efficiently produced the one commodity that it would require:  Human suffering.  Our moans and sadness wrote a symphony which only strengthened the bars on our cell doors.

There were whispers of a new era, but nothing much had changed in decades.  We had lost so much, and hope was soon to follow.  But it wouldn’t be long until we heard her voice.  And things would begin to change…